Thursday, August 25, 2005

What is in a name, Ruthies B-Day, Rachaels addicted to e-crack, and zippy gangalor

Rachael's mom had a local Rabbi come to our house yesterday to give Jacob his Jewish Name.. I *REALLY* wanted Dreidal Yarmulka but I was completly overruled. We picked Chaim Yisroel, Chaim for my Grandmother's Father and Yisroel for Rachael's. The guy was a few minutes late, but when he got there he had a companion, a nice lady who's name I missed. She was a Southern Baptist and went on about how she knew she'd always end up with a Man of God. It was pretty odd. His name was Rabbi Schwartz.

So we gathered around and he put on his towel and he started to read to us. Jacob just started yelling DA DA! DA DA! over and over again.. I couldn't help but to giggle.. I know it was a serious thing but it was so funny. He then grabbed Rachael's hair and yanked it real good. Oh my, we're in trouble.

So the Rabbi left, and Mom cooked us such a good meal. She bbq'd some yummi Fillets and there was some potato concoction that was to die for.... We were celebrating Ruthie's 85th birthday. It was a really nice time. We devoured the meal, and I was thinking to myself (after everyone was done in 8 minutes flat) what a pain it is to cook for everyone and have it dissapear in 8 minutes. But then I realized that we (er.. Rachael) didn't cook. I felt better.

They had some Cake and Coffee (I opted out) and left... I have had a nasty cough/throat thing over the last week and Jacob was up early that morning, so I was beat. So I jumped on the PC with Rachael and we played.. .OH WAIT!! OMG!

Rachael is addicted to World of Warcraft. She says she isn't, but oh yes she is. It all started at the formentioned Robert Shimmell Comedy show.. Our little circle of friends were all talking about the game, and she had no idea what we were talking about. So, the next day at home she wanted to try it. She started a level 1 druid.. got to level 4, and her eyes were glossy and she was frothing at the mouth. I mentioned to her since my character is on that account we cant play at the same time.. She looked at me and her eyes got wide and said 'That wont do!'. So I called up Jim and got his old account (that he cancled) and now we play together. I started a new character so we could play together, we picked weird yiddish names. Oy!

This weekend we're driving over to my parents house, through a Hurricane. I called Mom and told her there was going to be a Hurricane fee for us to come over. She laughed and said she had a 22 pound turkey waiting. It's not gonna cut it.

Gangalor the Destroyer is coming close to 7 months old now. He is crawling full on now. It's hard to keep up with him.. He is certainly going to be a handful! Until next time! Ciao!


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