Thursday, July 21, 2005

Crawling, Warcraft, Conferences, and Robert Shimmel

The little one is about to start crawling, which, is kinda funny, because he can't sit up straight.. He just kinda falls over.. However, put him on his belly and gets on all 4's and rocks back and forth.. I give it a week or two and he'll be all over the place, which means we gotta childproof the house. When I call home I talk to him and he gets excited when he hears my voice.. There's nothing better then that!

He's also cutting teeth, he's a giant, slobbering, knawing bundle of destruction!! He gets kinda moody too which is funny.. Before, he could be crying, and you'd just look at him and make a funny face and he'd completly forget that he was upset and just laugh!! I guess that party's over now, cause when he's pissed off.. He STAYS pissed off!!!!!

Last weekend we dropped him off at Nana and Papa's house and went to the condo on the beach. Guess what WE did.. We... SLEPT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

In the gaming front, my Warcraft Guild finally made a little bit of progress in BWL, downing the first Boss, Razorgore. Currently there's 3.5 million subscribers to the game, and maybe 5 other guilds have accomplished this. I of course, wasn't there.. I took a night off to hang out with Rachael. I think she got upset because I asked her not to go on the computer (Which is what she usually does to me).. She thought it was funny for some reason.. I dont know if I should setup a second computer or not so we can both use at it the same time.. I dont think that would solve the problem though.

I dont think my Warcraft guild is pretty happy with me anyway.. My attendance has been about 40-50% lately.. Most people hover around 90% attendance.. I just cant play every night like they can.. But most of them are kids or adults without responsibility. Part of me just wants to step down to let other people play (The game dynamics only allow 40 people to play at the same time, which means there's usually about 10 people who can't play). But it's such a great escape for me and it's cheap (12 bucks a month).

I signed up to go to a conference in October.. I haven't told Rachael about it yet, till it gets approved. It's a tuesday-thursday thing, which means I go on a Monday and come back on a friday. I'll take friday off and stay till sunday, and fly Rachael up on Thursday night and we'll hang out there over the weekend. It's a secret though, and I'll never tell where.

This weekend we're going to see Robert Schimmel at a comedy club. It's in downtown orlando, and we will most likely get a hotel room so we dont have to worry about driving back to DeLand. As always, Nana and Papa said they'd watch Gangalor the Destroyer of the Universe for us.

Oh well, back to work. Here's a gangalore picture for you.


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