Thursday, June 16, 2005

Free Cookies, Jacob Cam, and the soon to be adventures of Fathers Day

So I spent Tuesday night at the Hilton in Tampa. There was a VMWare workshop Jamie and I attended for work. Those workshop things are soo funny. You come out all cheery thinking 'Wow, they have the best product in the world'. It doesn't really matter what the product is, it's just the best. I'm sure if we went to a Microsoft Virtual Server workshop we would have felt the same way.

Jamie booked his hotel room first, and then sent me the info on the hotel. When I went to book, they were out of 'normal' rooms. But for just 15 dollars more, I could get the 'executive' suite. OooOOOOoooo.. Feeling all executivy, I (er.. VERITAS) splurged. So we arrive at the hotel, and I check in. Jamie and I walk up to the counter to seperate Hilton-Check-In-People and hand them our 'It's on VERITAS' credit cards. The woman tells Jamie 'You will be in room 121'. My hotel person says 'Oh, hello Mr. Fuller. You are on the executive floor. You will need to swipe your access card in the elevator to access that floor. Your Concierge will be available to you till 9pm, and if there's anything you need let us know. Oh, and there are free cookies"

I'm not sure if it was 'Access the elevator with a keycard', 'Concierge', or 'Free cookies' that got Jamie, but the next thing he said was 'I want to upgrade to his floor'. Denied. Well, he mumbles something to the effect of 'Why am I being a baby about it, I dont need to be on the executive level'. I tell him that's what people who aren't on the executive floor tell themselves. They gave him access to the floor though, and he did pilfer a free cookie. I would have turned him in but instead I argued with there engineering team about granting me access to the TV's front video inputs. Jamie said I should have demanded to speak with Paris Hilton.. But it wasn't that important to me.

Besides that the trip was uneventful. Was pseudo insiteful, I would have been happier with something a bit more technical. On the way back we stopped at the Hard Rock Casino for lunch. Good food, REALLY nice casino. They had about 100 poker tables, and had to have 500 slot machines. Will have to return with Rachael.

I missed my Wife and son, it was the first time I went somewhere without bringing her. Rachael has a new name for Jacob, 'Mr. Baby'. I'm still stuck on Gangalor!

Microsoft sent me a webcam for beta testing Microsoft Messenger. It was really nice since not only did I not submit a bug the entire beta cycle, but I didn't even load the program (Jacob was keeping me too busy). Thank you Microsoft! The Jacob-Cam will be up soon.

Fathers Day is coming Sunday. Mom and Dad are coming up Friday, and it's going to be great to see them. He's grown so much since they've seen him last. Plus they want to go to the potato patch. It's a breakfast joint in Deland, FL. This is going to be my first Dad's day. I think to me, becoming a Father was like finally getting to wear a glove that I've always had but never fit. Well, it fits now.


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