Monday, January 10, 2005

Oh. My. God

Ok, so.. it's been a few months since I've written. Nobody reads this anyway, so it's not like my many fans are beating down my doors.

So 2004 was the year everything happend. We got married, got pregnant. We sold 2 houses, and bought a new one. The Red Sox won the world series, we got 3 direct hits from hurricanes. Mount St. Hellens errupted again, and a giant tsnumai hit Indonesia creating the worlds largest natural disaster ever recorded. And that's just the short list.

Rachael's due any minute, and bless her soul, she's ready. The pregnancy has been really rough on her, and she's been one hell of a trooper... I wrote my family an email.. I'll quote it because it sums everything up pretty well..

Well, We’re all moved into our new house in Deland, FL. Everything is beautiful, including the weather!!

Rachael spent 4 days in the Hospital last week. She started to go into labor and it’s still to early for the baby to come. They actually told us she was going to be in the hospital until the baby was born (still over 5 weeks till her due date) because her water was low, she was 2 cm dilated, and she was 50% efacced (Which I interpreted as 50% out of phase, thinking my baby was going to be born into an alternate universe. I panicked but Rachael sat me down and I’m ok now)..

I’m not sure if it was the hospital taking good care of her, or 4 days of my witty dialect while being stuck in bed, but the doctors told us she could come home (thank god). They gave her some steroids to help his lungs finish developing, and we’re at the point now where if they had to take him out, they could, and the baby should be fine. But they would love for it to be a few weeks down the road.

He’s breech, so everyone pray ‘TURN AROUND!’. Rachael is such a trooper, her strength is astounding.. And when it’s not, I am always there for her. The journey is almost over… Well, actually.. I think it’s the journey is about to begin. We’ll keep everyone posted. Love, Mike

P.S. As of 1/4/2005, the babies name will be Jacob Michael Fuller. But, it’s flip flopped a lot. So there’s no telling. I asked Rachael for Baltar, but she didn’t really like that one too much.

Rachael bought me a new TV!!!! Isn't it pretty!

I gotta get back to work.. Happy New Year!


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