Tuesday, November 15, 2005

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

What is in a name, Ruthies B-Day, Rachaels addicted to e-crack, and zippy gangalor

Rachael's mom had a local Rabbi come to our house yesterday to give Jacob his Jewish Name.. I *REALLY* wanted Dreidal Yarmulka but I was completly overruled. We picked Chaim Yisroel, Chaim for my Grandmother's Father and Yisroel for Rachael's. The guy was a few minutes late, but when he got there he had a companion, a nice lady who's name I missed. She was a Southern Baptist and went on about how she knew she'd always end up with a Man of God. It was pretty odd. His name was Rabbi Schwartz.

So we gathered around and he put on his towel and he started to read to us. Jacob just started yelling DA DA! DA DA! over and over again.. I couldn't help but to giggle.. I know it was a serious thing but it was so funny. He then grabbed Rachael's hair and yanked it real good. Oh my, we're in trouble.

So the Rabbi left, and Mom cooked us such a good meal. She bbq'd some yummi Fillets and there was some potato concoction that was to die for.... We were celebrating Ruthie's 85th birthday. It was a really nice time. We devoured the meal, and I was thinking to myself (after everyone was done in 8 minutes flat) what a pain it is to cook for everyone and have it dissapear in 8 minutes. But then I realized that we (er.. Rachael) didn't cook. I felt better.

They had some Cake and Coffee (I opted out) and left... I have had a nasty cough/throat thing over the last week and Jacob was up early that morning, so I was beat. So I jumped on the PC with Rachael and we played.. .OH WAIT!! OMG!

Rachael is addicted to World of Warcraft. She says she isn't, but oh yes she is. It all started at the formentioned Robert Shimmell Comedy show.. Our little circle of friends were all talking about the game, and she had no idea what we were talking about. So, the next day at home she wanted to try it. She started a level 1 druid.. got to level 4, and her eyes were glossy and she was frothing at the mouth. I mentioned to her since my character is on that account we cant play at the same time.. She looked at me and her eyes got wide and said 'That wont do!'. So I called up Jim and got his old account (that he cancled) and now we play together. I started a new character so we could play together, we picked weird yiddish names. Oy!

This weekend we're driving over to my parents house, through a Hurricane. I called Mom and told her there was going to be a Hurricane fee for us to come over. She laughed and said she had a 22 pound turkey waiting. It's not gonna cut it.

Gangalor the Destroyer is coming close to 7 months old now. He is crawling full on now. It's hard to keep up with him.. He is certainly going to be a handful! Until next time! Ciao!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Crawling, Warcraft, Conferences, and Robert Shimmel

The little one is about to start crawling, which, is kinda funny, because he can't sit up straight.. He just kinda falls over.. However, put him on his belly and gets on all 4's and rocks back and forth.. I give it a week or two and he'll be all over the place, which means we gotta childproof the house. When I call home I talk to him and he gets excited when he hears my voice.. There's nothing better then that!

He's also cutting teeth, he's a giant, slobbering, knawing bundle of destruction!! He gets kinda moody too which is funny.. Before, he could be crying, and you'd just look at him and make a funny face and he'd completly forget that he was upset and just laugh!! I guess that party's over now, cause when he's pissed off.. He STAYS pissed off!!!!!

Last weekend we dropped him off at Nana and Papa's house and went to the condo on the beach. Guess what WE did.. We... SLEPT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

In the gaming front, my Warcraft Guild finally made a little bit of progress in BWL, downing the first Boss, Razorgore. Currently there's 3.5 million subscribers to the game, and maybe 5 other guilds have accomplished this. I of course, wasn't there.. I took a night off to hang out with Rachael. I think she got upset because I asked her not to go on the computer (Which is what she usually does to me).. She thought it was funny for some reason.. I dont know if I should setup a second computer or not so we can both use at it the same time.. I dont think that would solve the problem though.

I dont think my Warcraft guild is pretty happy with me anyway.. My attendance has been about 40-50% lately.. Most people hover around 90% attendance.. I just cant play every night like they can.. But most of them are kids or adults without responsibility. Part of me just wants to step down to let other people play (The game dynamics only allow 40 people to play at the same time, which means there's usually about 10 people who can't play). But it's such a great escape for me and it's cheap (12 bucks a month).

I signed up to go to a conference in October.. I haven't told Rachael about it yet, till it gets approved. It's a tuesday-thursday thing, which means I go on a Monday and come back on a friday. I'll take friday off and stay till sunday, and fly Rachael up on Thursday night and we'll hang out there over the weekend. It's a secret though, and I'll never tell where.

This weekend we're going to see Robert Schimmel at a comedy club. It's in downtown orlando, and we will most likely get a hotel room so we dont have to worry about driving back to DeLand. As always, Nana and Papa said they'd watch Gangalor the Destroyer of the Universe for us.

Oh well, back to work. Here's a gangalore picture for you.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dessert first

Married Life Rule # 99512b.4

When your wife takes the time to make you some dessert (especially by hand).. Eat at least a little of it. Don't tell her it has too much sugar.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Beware female commenters:

A conversation with my wife:

[16:45] Mrs Fuller and the Baby: i dont trust that bitch who is trying to be fuuny about the ray gun
[16:45] Mrs Fuller and the Baby: i think she wants you
[16:45] MikeFuller720: huh?
[16:45] Mrs Fuller and the Baby: on your blog
[16:45] MikeFuller720: what bitch raygun? hrm
[16:46] MikeFuller720: Oh yeah!
[16:46] MikeFuller720: You need to kill her
[16:46] Mrs Fuller and the Baby: i think you should write something about how jealous and mean i am and how once i had to be sedated cause my hands are illegal in 45 states
[16:46] Mrs Fuller and the Baby: and i am a private eye and know how to find anyone
[16:46] Mrs Fuller and the Baby: yeah

Free Cookies, Jacob Cam, and the soon to be adventures of Fathers Day

So I spent Tuesday night at the Hilton in Tampa. There was a VMWare workshop Jamie and I attended for work. Those workshop things are soo funny. You come out all cheery thinking 'Wow, they have the best product in the world'. It doesn't really matter what the product is, it's just the best. I'm sure if we went to a Microsoft Virtual Server workshop we would have felt the same way.

Jamie booked his hotel room first, and then sent me the info on the hotel. When I went to book, they were out of 'normal' rooms. But for just 15 dollars more, I could get the 'executive' suite. OooOOOOoooo.. Feeling all executivy, I (er.. VERITAS) splurged. So we arrive at the hotel, and I check in. Jamie and I walk up to the counter to seperate Hilton-Check-In-People and hand them our 'It's on VERITAS' credit cards. The woman tells Jamie 'You will be in room 121'. My hotel person says 'Oh, hello Mr. Fuller. You are on the executive floor. You will need to swipe your access card in the elevator to access that floor. Your Concierge will be available to you till 9pm, and if there's anything you need let us know. Oh, and there are free cookies"

I'm not sure if it was 'Access the elevator with a keycard', 'Concierge', or 'Free cookies' that got Jamie, but the next thing he said was 'I want to upgrade to his floor'. Denied. Well, he mumbles something to the effect of 'Why am I being a baby about it, I dont need to be on the executive level'. I tell him that's what people who aren't on the executive floor tell themselves. They gave him access to the floor though, and he did pilfer a free cookie. I would have turned him in but instead I argued with there engineering team about granting me access to the TV's front video inputs. Jamie said I should have demanded to speak with Paris Hilton.. But it wasn't that important to me.

Besides that the trip was uneventful. Was pseudo insiteful, I would have been happier with something a bit more technical. On the way back we stopped at the Hard Rock Casino for lunch. Good food, REALLY nice casino. They had about 100 poker tables, and had to have 500 slot machines. Will have to return with Rachael.

I missed my Wife and son, it was the first time I went somewhere without bringing her. Rachael has a new name for Jacob, 'Mr. Baby'. I'm still stuck on Gangalor!

Microsoft sent me a webcam for beta testing Microsoft Messenger. It was really nice since not only did I not submit a bug the entire beta cycle, but I didn't even load the program (Jacob was keeping me too busy). Thank you Microsoft! The Jacob-Cam will be up soon.

Fathers Day is coming Sunday. Mom and Dad are coming up Friday, and it's going to be great to see them. He's grown so much since they've seen him last. Plus they want to go to the potato patch. It's a breakfast joint in Deland, FL. This is going to be my first Dad's day. I think to me, becoming a Father was like finally getting to wear a glove that I've always had but never fit. Well, it fits now.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Free Ice Cream

Got your attention, didn't I? Yes, today, we got free Ice Cream. I wasn't hungry.. At all. We just went to Amura's where I had some chicken and some sushi, and low and behold, Veritas tells us there is free ice cream. I really wish they would give us more warning, because, how the heck can you say no to free Ice Cream. With Dip. And.. Sprinkles. Ugh. Thank you Veritas, it's all your fault.

Gangalor, destroyer of the universe had his 4 month checkup today. Rachael said the doctor called him Super-Baby.. He put his fingers out to test Jacob's grabbing reflexes. Not only did he grab the doctors hand, but he pulled himself up, JUMPED, and said 'OOOoooohhhhaaak', which, if you've been reading, means 'I want a hot pocket'. The doctor said he's never seen that before from a 4 month old, and was quite amused by it. He's 16 pounds! I think that means he's big enough for space mountain now.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm a pirate. Posted by Hello

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What I'm listening too lately:

Gorillaz: Demon Days
This is album is very hit and miss. Half the songs are really bad, but the other half are really good. It was produced by Danger Mouse, (the guy behind the grey album).. If you know who that is, you'll probably wanna go listen to this.

Moby: Hotel

Fischerspooner: #1
I dunno, I cant get away from this album. We used to listen to this like a year ago when I worked in a different department.. And.. I still listen to it. All the time. try Emerge.

Delerium: Poem
Sarah Mclaughlen before she was Sarah Mclaughlen

Month 4. Beginning to breath!

Well, Jacob is 4 months.. and.. He gets cuter every day. My wife surprised me with a 3 night cruise for my birthday, and we left, excited. Jacob stayed at Nana's house. We were both excited and sad to have 3 nights alone where we could just hang out.. but.. each night, going to bed, we agreed.. We missed him so much. I dont think Rachael could have handled another night.. It was a great birthday present.

He's starting to talk the baby-talk alot now. Here are some words we've learned.

woooooooooooooooh: (loud)
Means 'Do it again, that was funny'

OOOoooohhhhaaak: (Low volume)
This means 'I would like a Hot Pocket, please. Well done, ham and cheese if you have it. If not, pepperoni is always good'. He actually was saying this at 3 months, but we hadn't fully grasped the language yet.

This one was easy, it means 'I know kung fu'. Jacob can kick in his chair so loud you can feel the vibration on the other side of the house.

Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm: (very soft)
This means 'Turn that Dr Phil crap off the TV and put on Star Trek. Rachael doesn't believe me but I'm standing fast on this one.

aaaaaHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr: (medium volume)
We're still working on translating this, but we have it narrowed down to 3 things. 1) 'I'm a pirate and I'm looking for burried treasure'. 2) 'I'm a pirate and I want a hot pocket'. or 3) 'I'm a pirate and I have burried treasure in my diaper.' We're thinking it's 3.

reH nay'meylIjyIn Dujablu'jaj: (loud)
This one confused me for a while, until I searched google. It means 'May your dishes always be served alive' in klingon. Go figure.
We're still working on the rest

Also, he has some pet names from the family.

Rachael has calles him 'stinky' most of the time. I've heard her call him pookie too, but that was one of my old names so I'm not giving her credit for it.

Nana and Papa call him Little Mikey

I call him Gangalor, destroyer of the universe (which Rachael isn't too find of), buddy, Jake, and Peter Rabbit (which is what my mom called me when I was very young)